How to start an ITSP


Do you have any advice for people who want to start an ITSP?

I had several years of experience working with analog, digital, and VoIP PBXs so one type of business I researched a lot was how to start a VoIP business. Similar to starting an MSP or a WISP, there just isn’t enough information out there on this type of business.

Everyone in the world wants to sell you their ebook on Amazon drop shipping, but where’s the guide for starting an ITSP?

From doing freelance work and trying some things out on my own, I was amazed how cheap this type of business can be to get started thanks to open source technology, cheap infrastructure, and cheap metered/pay-as-you-go SIP connections as long as you have some VoIP and Linux experience.

There are 2 types of VoIP businesses, and typically talking about an ITSP would mean becoming a carrier, whereas another type would be just a PBX provider (see also Class 4 vs Class 5?)

The type I have experience with is becoming a cloud PBX provider, however, I am interested in hearing about your experience with either type.

I helped start a few cloud PBX services just using FreePBX + FusionPX servers hosted on DigitalOcean and Twilio for the SIP trunks.