How to become a one man MSP


Something I thought about when I was working on my MSP - I’m an engineer first, not a businessman, not particularly driven to be a leader.

Growing an MSP inevitably puts you in a position of being a boss… which means spending the majority of your time talking to customers, making deals, and managing other people. All of which distracts from what I enjoy doing which is studying and implementing technology.

So when I come across posts like this - a one man MSP who makes $300-400k/yr, only 10 MSP customers, 5 break/fix, 215 endpoints, and he partnered up with another one man MSP to give each other breaks for vacation etc, I know this who I would want to be:

I recently read this book as well:

Which emphasizes creating the life that you want rather than pursuing growth endlessly without considering the effects.